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Extraterrestrial Space (2020)

The post-human Disco Space is all heterotopia that the user is able to imagine, infinite illusory worlds, new realities. The infinite celebration of the community through the bodies and the use of technology, intensifying the vital experience. The Posthuman Disco Space does not impose limits, does not separate, does not identify, is a hybrid nondescript; break with the past, embrace the novelty, the modification and the addition, is mutant, elastic, can be decomposed and recomposed according to the situation to adapt to the groundbreaking processes of rapid social change.

Its condition is informality, it does not understand ways, it has no prejudices, capable of invade all disused space. Posthuman Disco Space is generic, a field undifferentiated, free and open; but that allows the specific, forming a succession of highly characterized spaces and large indeterminate spaces in which everything is possible. The Disco Space abstraction is the mesh, the virtual infinite space capable of house it all, an isotropic network populated by events and events that invite game and interaction. Use the hybrid assembly by grouping heterogeneous and flexible spaces, the maximum differentiation to favor the unpredictable and satisfy all kinds of desires. It assumes its temporary, ephemeral and disposable condition, to keep surprising.

The Posthuman Disco Space is a scenario open to interaction, producer of events that stimulate the user, protagonist of the performance. The succession of events defines space as a staging, a choreography of spaces and experiences, incorporating the temporal dimension. There is no program concept, the only objective is performativity, facilitate fantasies, operating with relationships and connections of tangible and intangible elements. Elments like light, sound, the bits ... for the creation of electrifying atmospheres and the construction of unpredictable narratives. A phenomenological system that satisfies the multisensory and emotional experience.

The Post-human Disco Space for a nomadic individual, who inhabits the world without belonging anywhere, it is global, rejects any national, racial and gender classification. A being who wanders and experiences the world as he imagines himself, moved by the desire for exploration, like Flaneur in search of stimuli and sensations, a kind of spiritual hedonism. Liberated by technology, the post-human being does not work anymore, there is no concept of utility or efficiency, but it acts: it is a producer and a product. The art, body, experience, play and desires are the new productive means. An active consumer capable of creating their own culture, with all the knowledge at their scope, to develop their expressive abilities. The design of the self is his project of life, practicing self-design, projecting and rehearsing multiple identities. The artist turned into a total work of art.

Posthuman Disco Space produces fields that enhance creativity, creativity of childhood, which does not understand disciplines. An infinite playground for a playful and productive life in collectivity. The collective activity extends to the individual in all directions, activating bodies and minds through play and interaction. But this relational environment is not unitary, allows free association and welcomes diversity and multiplicity through differentiation and the creation of interferences, relationships and flows that connect the set of pluralities it houses. The counter Disco Space or confinement space is the only interruption of Disco Space, vital laboratory for the creation and evaluation of the conscience that singularizes the user by segregating him in part of the community. A continuous translation between the individual and the collective, preserving the desired identity and uniqueness.

The post-human subject inhabits the world along with other life forms and non-human subjects, no longer dominates the machines, but cooperates forming a hybrid that is related with the world as a transindividual collective.

Through technological extensions amplifies their cognitive and sensory abilities, overcoming limitations of the body and the physical environment, released and transformed into an immaterial being that acts at a universal level paradoxically, the return to the state of equilibrium with nature through artificiality and technology.

Posthuman Disco space is dynamic and exciting, exalting movement and hyper-connection of networks; it exists in the physical world and in the cyberspace, it is neither material or virtual, an unclassifiable hybrid that enhances the performative capabilities of the space.

Technologically expanded environments, governed and organized by intelligent networks who anticipate the desires of the post-human being and analyze their behavior feedback system. Disco space does not need architects, intelligence algorithmic artificial builds the space that users design with their desires and appetites; The collective imagination is the design tool.

The posthuman Disco Space is the total public space. The typologies and the function have disappeared, freeing the architecture from its physical dimension. The museums, the libraries, offices, universities ... have become obsolete and Disco Space has taken its place. There are only environments for experimentation, play, and collective creativity, tribal emotions have defeated literacy. A system that expands in all directions, forming a new extraterritorial space, a global free network without borders populated with different sensibilities and ways of life.