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Apartment renovation in Valencia (2017)

The apartment is located in the historic neighborhood of Velluters, in an early 20th century building in the hearth of Valencia. Its original distribution consisted of four small rooms, a bathroom in the middle area, and a small kitchen and a separated toilet after a dark corridor on the south side. According to the new living needs is projected a two bedrooms apartment with two bathrooms, demolishing the totality of the old partitions.

The project starts with the visual connection of the diagonal axis, catching the light from the south, where is the kitchen. An open space which connects with the living area trough a previous space for laundry and storage. A step stablish the differentiation of spaces, remarked by the change of pavement, and makes possible the new situation of the toilets. Ash wood pavement for the living area and bedrooms that contrasts with the microcement for the humit areas.  The original wooden windows carpentry has been restored, as the characteristic steel pillar reinforced with concrete. The apartment is so differentiated in two directions defined by its geometry and its function: living room-kitchen and living room-bedrooms.

photography by Luis Beltrán